Undergraduate Thesis (TRECC)

This page lists materials that I have generated as part of my senior thesis in pursuit of my B.S. in Computer Engineering at Santa Clara University.

I named my senior thesis ” TRECC“, which stands for Trusted Roots Extended to Compromise Containment.  Its an effort to bring some level of assurance to code resident in memory, rather than purely to code at rest (on disk).  Current trusted roots (static or dynamic) that employ Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs), as TRECC does, do nothing to assure code in memory.  Examples include Hardened Gentoo (built with TrouSerS) and Mircosoft’s Bitlocker (which can be configured for use with a TPM).  TRECC goes beyond what these solutions offer and attempts to contain compromise in selected userspace processes, while signing such measurements with a TPM for use in remote attestation.

Initial Design Document:

Design Document (PDF)

Design Review Presentation (more technical, longer):

Design Review Presentation Slides (PDF)
Design Review Presentation Slides (Keynote '08)

Conference Presentation (more general audience, slightly shorter):

Conference Presentation Slides (PDF)
Conference Presentation Slides (Keynote '08)
Conference Presentation Video (Poor Quailty)

Final Thesis (paper & source code):

Final Thesis (PDF)
TRECC on Google Code
Browse TRECC Source Code (.py, .c)
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