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efipw v0.2b Released

February 11, 2010 7 comments

Small update.  A few changes since v0.2:

  • if new password is set and mode is not, default mode to “command” (this will cause password to be enforced rather than ignored)
  • clarified usage
  • added ‘-c’ option

If you were getting a message like this:

sudo: ./ command not found

it’s because you hadn’t flagged the file as executable.  I neglected to mention this in the instructions before, but it’s in there now.  If you’re getting the above, just run:

chmod +x ./efipw*

…assuming efipw is in your working directory, of course.

I’ve also added a ‘-c’ option that disables the EFI password properly (or at least the way Apple does it).  When an EFI password is cleared with Apple’s GUI utility, ‘none’ is written to nvram as the password and the ‘none’ mode is selected.  Rather than forcing people to specify ‘none’ for both fields themselves, users can just do:

sudo ./efipw* -c

to disable the EFI password properly.

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Comments/suggestions/bugs welcome.